FAQ for SkinNeutrAll®

Is SkinNeutrAll® approved by the Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices?
SkinNeutrAll® is a class I medical product (emergency set to prevent damage to the skin) and has been certified by us in accordance with the requirements of EU regulation EU 2017/745. After checking the certification at the Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices, it was officially registered under the number 00149466. This registration is valid for the entire EU and the product may be marked accordingly with the CE mark.
How quickly does SkinNeutrAll® act?
Inactivation and neutralization occur within a few seconds as soon as there is contact with the chemical. Only the precipitation of fluoride as insoluble calcium fluoride is somewhat delayed and takes 1-2 minutes.
How long is the expiry date of SkinNeutrAll®? Does it have to be stored in a cool place?
The spray has an expiry date of minimum 2 years after delivery and does not need to be stored in a cool place. The effectiveness within this period is ensured for a storage temperature of up to 35°C. SkinNeutrAll® can therefore also be kept ready in an ambulance or in warm industrial halls without any problems. After the expiry date, it may no longer be used by law.
Has SkinNeutrAll® been dermatologically tested?
SkinNeutrAll® was dermatologically tested by Dermatest® in Münster and passed the control with the grade “Very good”. It is EU-wide certified as a medical product for use on the skin (CE mark).
Is SkinNeutrAll® manufactured in a quality-assured manner?
Production takes place in a company with a QM system certified for the production of medical products of a liquid type in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016. The legal monitoring of the production, the certification and the dispensing is carried out by the respective state authorities.
Can SkinNeutrAll® also be used with unknown chemicals?
SkinNeutrAll® can be mixed with almost all common organic and aqueous solvents and then dissolves them from the skin. If it is not an acid, base or oxidizing chemical (e.g. an organic solvent or an aqueous solution) it is at least removed and can then be wiped off or washed off with water without any problems. The first aider does not need to know exactly which chemical is present when using it.
Who can use SkinNeutrAll®? Do you need training?
The use of SkinNeutrAll® is not restricted to doctors or paramedics. However, other first aiders must be instructed in the use of a medical device. This is best done as part of first aid courses by company doctors and company rescue workers. Information materials are available from EST biochem GmbH or you can contact the medical device advisors (phone and e-mail, see Sources of Supply). However, we have kept the handling so simple that hardly no problems are to be expected during use.
Do I have to prepare anything before using it?
When the original SkinNeutrAll® pack arrives, please insert the spray head into the two bottles and lock the caps. Please insert the bottle marked in red onto the suction hose with the red reducer at the end. Then the spray can be provided and is ready for immediate use. Please store the spray upright. From the third spray on, the mixed solution from the two bottles is dispensed.
Can I use SkinNeutrAll® multiple times?
You can use SkinNeutrAll® up to the expiry date when partial quantities are withdrawn. However, the spray head must be cleaned with clear water after each use, otherwise the ingredients may crystallize and the spray head clogs.
How much acid or oxidizing agent is neutralized or inactivated by SkinNeutrAll®?
The capacity of the whole bottle is 0.3 mol (e.g. 100 ml conc. Hydrochloric acid 10%) for acids and bases, 0.1 mol (e.g. 35 ml hydrogen peroxide 10%) or 0.06 mol fluoride for oxidizing agents (Corresponding to, for example, 6 g hydrofluoric acid 10%). In the event of chemical accidents, SkinNeutrAll® can be re-sprayed in any amount so that the chemicals are not only neutralized but also removed.
Are there any scientific publications on the effectiveness of SkinNeutrAll®?
The results of our tests were published in the journal “Der Notarzt”:
Weber, M .; Deze, C-A .: Decontamination agent for skin and clothing against transdermally toxic or caustic chemicals
Der Notarzt 2017; 33 (04): 155-158

DOI: 10.1055 / s-0043-115416