How does the double-chamber spray from SkinNeutrAll® work?

Gefahrstoffe neutralisieren

The effect of SkinNeutrAll® can be demonstrated impressively using the example of the red-colored elemental iodine: it is reduced to colorless and neutral iodide in a very short time.

The effect of SkinNeutrAll® can also be observed using measuring devices, here using the example of sodium hypochlorite: the redox potential drops to 0 mV and the pH value drops to pH 4. The red arrow shows the time of spraying.

Summary for other hazardous chemicals

Application Notes

Please read carefully before use and follow the instructions!
Immediately after the spray arrives, insert the bottles into the spray head!
We deliver SkinNeutrAll® with separate bottles and a single spray head. Please insert bottle 1 and bottle 2 in the spray head directly after arrival. To do this, leave the two bottles in the outer carton and open the bottles first (unscrew the screw cap). Then insert the spray head with the two suction hoses:
  • Insert bottle 1 with gray mark on white suction tube and
  • Insert bottle 2 with red mark on white suction tube with red reducer.
The two bayonet locks on the spray head are set transversely and then the spray head is placed on the bottles until they click into place. Thereafter, the closures are rotated a quarter turn, so that the bottles are fixed.
SkinNeutrAll® can now be made available in the danger zone and is ready for use at any time.
How to Use
On the back of the carton is a quick guide. Detailed instructions can be found on the leaflet in the outer carton for the two bottles. Read these carefully and inform all potential users accordingly. The application should be part of health and safety instructions for all employees. For exercises, the SkinNeutrAll® Training Kit is available, which can be obtained on request.
Storage and Cleaning
SkinNeutrAll® can be used at a storage temperature of up to 35 ° C up to the printed expiry date (two years after delivery).
Attention! If after use / accidental use of the spray lever of SkinNeutrAll® and you want to use it later on once more, clean the spray head. To do this, remove the spray head, place it in a glass of clean water and operate the spray lever several times. Continue to spray without water until all parts of the spray mechanism are clear of liquid.
If the spray head is not cleaned, the mixture of the two liquids in the spray head can lead to crystallization and failure of the mechanism.
Avoid eye contact! In case of eye contact, rinse with water or eye-rinsing-solution.
Avoid contact with open wounds, mucous membranes or  damaged skin!  In case of appropriate contact, rinse with water or steril isotonic rinsing-solution.